2023 – the Year of the Sauna in Estonia!

Year 2023 is dedicated to saunas in Estonia. The year of saunas is all about the most essential aspects about saunas – the inheritance, the culture, the customs, the products, the companies, the communities and the leaders. This year is for everyone who has a sauna in their soul.

Sauna-related events will be happening throughout the year all over Estonia. .

Please feel free to contact with regard to collaboration activities for the sauna year:
Elin Priks
Estonian Rural Tourism Organization
+372 5212096
E-mail: saunaaasta2023@maaturism.ee

For more information about the organization:
Raili Mengel
+372 6009999
E-mail: eesti@maaturism.ee

Address https://sauna2023.ee Estonia

How can we help you?

Carita Harju

Tel. 040 566 2481

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