Taking a sauna is one of the keys to a healthy life

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The well-being effects of sauna are medically acknowledged as a part of a healthy way of life.

The health effects of sauna have been researched for decades.  Findings have proven that sauna has a positive effect on many kinds of medical conditions, like some skin, joint and circulation organ diseases.  However, the mechanism of the health effects of sauna remains partly unexplained, so totally precise explanations are still missing.  The most important health benefits of the sauna are connected with the comprehensive relaxation it produces.

Taking a sauna is suited and beneficial to almost everybody with the exception of just a few risk groups.  It is important to listen to oneself and the feelings of one’s body.  Taking care of your fluid balance is also important, as well as peaceful and stress free surroundings.

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“Taking a sauna creates a counterbalance to the working life and everyday hassle by working as a place of relaxation. Taking a sauna could become the culmination of both everyday and holiday that brings an end to the day’s hustle and bustle in a peaceful moment of calming down.

I hope the opportunities and pleasurableness of the sauna will not get in the way of other, for example technological, amusements in our modern world.

Many people have a tendency of looking for miracle preparations and exotic diets in their search for improvement of their quality of life.  In reality, the keys to a good healthy life are constantly within our reach and among our daily choices, like visits to the sauna.”

Expert: Meri Linna M.D.

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