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Imagine relaxing in your own home spa after a hard day at work or a gym session. Open the door to a world of steamy heat, which disconnects you from the busy world and lets your body and mind go of any distractions. 

Sauna has, besides the direct positive physical and mental effects, several health benefits too. According to a recent medical study, the heart of a frequent sauna bather will stay healthier. To gain the best possible benefits one must spend 20 minutes at a time, four times a week in the sauna. What would be a more comfortable way to improve heart health? And there’s more: the sauna will also help your muscles to regenerate after a workout, flush toxins through your skin, strengthen your immune system, help you sleep better.

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Relaxing on the warm benches of a sauna or in the pampering steam in a steam room can be your own luxury time, but sometimes it’s great to share the experience with your family or friends. A relaxing environment and all the time you need – there’s no better place for peaceful conversations. And a cell phone that you can take into a sauna – it does not exist. The sauna is a phone-free zone, where all communication is truly social.

The Finnish company Harvia produces saunas and steam rooms to modern high-tech sauna heaters and steam generators. They have been in sauna business since 1950 and with decades of experience, they have the best ideas when it comes to spa design and planning.

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