Sauna from Finland proudly presents: first sauna experience quality certificates issued

A high-quality sauna experience is a highlight for international visitors

Sauna From Finland’s first Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificates have now been issued. The certificates were awarded to the best sauna experiences in Finland based on audits focusing on cleanliness, engagement of multiple sense, authenticity and relaxation. The certificate allows sauna enthusiasts to identify the best Finnish sauna experiences in the world, while at the same time communicating to both customers and personnel that their sauna experience is of the highest possible quality worldwide. The certificate is based on years of quality work carried out by the member organisations of Sauna from Finland. Applications for the certification are accepted from providers of sauna experiences all over the world.

One of the newly certified companies, Kuusamo-based Isokenkäisten Klubi, has been investing in the development of their sauna experience for a long time on the basis of some very clear feedback received from international customers in particular: the sauna is the highlight and the most memorable experience of most customers’ visits. Isokenkäisten Klubi’s traditional smoke sauna has served bathers since 1995.

“Many of our customers turn into veritable sauna aficionados when they get a taste of the sauna,” says entrepreneur Katja Vira from Isokenkäisten Klubi.

The sauna services offered by Isokenkäisten Klubi were even further developed and refined during the certification process, as the audit provided fresh perspectives for development as well as new ideas for the future. Vira’s suggestion to other companies is to invest in the sauna as a comprehensive service concept.

“We should be proud as a peacock of our Finnish sauna and give it the recognition it deserves as part of our culture and heritage. The sauna is not just a place that you quickly visit, but rather a comprehensive wellness experience, the quality of which depends on all areas being considered and refined to their fullest potential.”

The certificate is a quality guarantee

The sauna is also one of the development spearheads of Visit Finland’s wellness tourism programme. Studies have shown that the sauna is strongly associated with Finland in the minds of international tourists.

“It is high time we start making use of the sauna and providing all our visitors access to a high-quality sauna experience! We may not be able to compete on the international market on the basis of any long-established spa traditions, but the sauna, nature and peacefulness, which Finland has in abundance, are becoming increasingly important attraction factors,” says Product Specialist Liisa Renfors from Visit Finland.

Nowadays people travel a great deal and know to demand quality. Finland is rarely anyone’s first holiday destination, but rather a place to visit when you want to experience something unique.

“We have to be able to offer a high-quality product even when it comes to sauna services, and the quality certificate is a good way of guaranteeing just that. It is great that we have now been provided with proper instrumentation and a development tool for sauna services. We will be sure to put them to good use in our marketing here at Visit Finland,” Renfors says.

Vira also acknowledges the importance of the quality certificate, especially in regard to international customers.
“Tour operators in particular are very keen on finding out what kind of quality certificates our company holds. With the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certificate, we can concretely demonstrate that we operate one of the best Finnish saunas in the world,” says Vira.

The first certified sauna services are:
Ruka Safaris Oy/ Iisakki Village:
Nordic Holiday Services Oy/ Pohjolan pirtti:
Isokenkäisten klubi:
Lomakeskus Revontuli Oy:
Rukan Salonki / HiTech Smoke Sauna:
Pyhäpiilo / Ruka911 Oy:
Varjolan Tila Oy / Koskenniska Smoke Sauna:
Prosanta Oy / Metsäkyly:

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Visit Finland
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Tel. +358 (0)29 46 95672

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