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saunafinland_f94i2532_low-resMedia release 27 September 2016

There is a strong desire to make the Finnish sauna experience known to the whole world and make it easy for international customers to buy products and services related to it. In addition to presenting various forms of the Finnish sauna, sauna products and sauna services, the recently launched website also includes the possibility to request an offer.

Now, it is easy to acquire a complete sauna entity at one and the same point via the website. The website offers service in English, and customers can make inquiries about the products and services of companies they are interested in. The service is currently at the pilot stage and will be further developed based on practical experiences gained during the project. The website is a pilot of Sauna from Finland, an association comprising 150 companies operating in the sauna business. 21 of the companies are taking part in the pilot.


“Offers can be directly requested via the website and we work in the background to put together a complete product entity for the customer”, explains Satu Freyberg, who is responsible for the international marketing of the pilot.

Marketing events around the world

Sauna service offerings provided by the companies that participate in the pilot have also been presented in catalogues produced in English and German. In addition, various joint marketing events are organised in different parts of the world. The Sauna from Finland association collaborates closely with embassies, for example.

“In this very moment, the companies are jointly visible at the largest trade fair of the branch, Interbad, organised in Stuttgart, Germany. The 100th anniversary of Finland’s declaration of independence celebrated next year is an excellent opportunity to make the modern sauna known to the world.  In addition to Europe, we are planning activities in Asia and America together with different embassies”, explains Carita Harju, executive manager of Sauna from Finland.

“While a networked operating model has its own challenges, we aim to break barriers and remove obstacles. We find answers to sauna-related questions of international customers and try to make buying easier. It is great that so many companies are willing to participate in our pilot. Together we are stronger”, says Carita Harju.

The Finnish sauna has remarkable growth potentials

The Sauna from Finland network fosters the goal of a holistic sauna experience, emphasised by wellbeing, relaxation and a multisensory experience. The companies taking part in the pilot are determined to work together towards opening up the international market. As fruit of this collaboration, new concepts and joint offering have already been developed. While Sauna from Finland opens doors and functions as a gathering centre for the network, the companies complete and finalise their deals on their own.

“Growth must be sought in the international market. The Finnish sauna is in its infancy as a product when comparing with jacuzzis, steam showers and ‘infrared saunas’, for example. The Finnish sauna has potential for multiple growth opportunities”, says Tapani Aho, managing director of the online shop Saunastore.

Narvi is a stove manufacturer who wants to grow internationally. Their sales manager Jesse Hämäläinen firmly believes that joining forces helps achieve much better results.

A textile company Lapuan Kankurit has invested heavily in the product development and manufacturing technology in recent years. According to their marketing director Jaana Hjelt, the product must be of prime quality to succeed in the international competition. She warmly welcomes the collaboration between the companies around the sauna theme.

“It is great that the concept of the Finnish sauna experience has expanded beyond the stove room and is now seen as an entity in which, for example, textiles play an important role. Products made of natural materials suit well the Finnish slow living brand”, Jaana Hjelt says.

 Companies participating in the pilot: Cariitti, Harvia, Helo, Hukka, Huliswood, Huone1, Huopaliike Lahtinen, Idealux, Jokipiin Pellava, Lapuan Kankurit, Mellis, Muko, Narvi, Pineart Production, Pisa Design, Saunastore, Saunatour, Season Store, Sisusauna, Sun Sauna and Tilassa.

The Sauna from Finland association comprising 150 company members is a diversified business network centered around the Finnish sauna. The goal of the network is to create the world’s best Finnish sauna experience. The target of the internationalisation pilot is to increase exports of sauna companies and develop overall concepts that support the brand in the global market.

Further information:

Satu Freyberg
Mobile: +358 400 966 112

Carita Harju
Mobile: +358 40 566 2481








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