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_3CK5115One sauna is as good as the next – or it is? Steam aficionados know that an authentic sauna involves much more than blazing heat and a bucket of water. To help visitors recognize the real thing, the Sauna from Finland network has created a certificate of authenticity for high-quality sauna services, the first of which were awarded at the end of 2015. So what makes a great sauna experience, Carita Harju, executive director of Sauna from Finland?

HARMONY OF THE SENSES: A great sauna experience is a fusion of scents and a tactile and visual experience that enhances your feeling of health and wellbeing. Every detail from hygiene and safety to the surrounding natural setting must be carefully balanced.

KNOW WHAT’S COMING: The sauna should be an all-embracing experience. The visitor should know exactly what to do before, during and after the sauna, with proper protocols for everything from towels and treatments to refreshments and cool-off rituals.

FOCUS ON THE ESSENTIALS: When all the credentials of a good sauna are met, from authenticity to cleanliness, the visitor can simply focus on relaxing and enjoying the moment. Forget time and let your daily cares melt away.

This article was published in the Blue Wings magazine.

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