The sauna can be an endless source of wellbeing

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“Decide to go to sauna today and take some time for yourself. This is the first wellbeing action we can take”, says Mervi Hongisto, a sauna therapist trainer. Instead of something to get over and done with as fast as possible, sauna bathing should be a true period of relaxation, allowing the bather to mentally prepare for the whole day. You can picture yourself in advance, warming up the sauna in the evening, rewarding yourself with relaxing quality time.

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“Our day-to-day life is very busy these days, and everything is done as efficiently as possible. A proper sauna experience turns this on its head: a conscious decision to pause, relax and look after yourself. If you turn down any other events for the evening and put the sauna at the top of your list, you’ll have already made a good choice for your wellbeing”, Hongisto says.

In the sauna, your pores open up to let out the sweat, and you can exfoliate your skin with natural, scented products and enjoy the peace and quiet. This brings warmth and joy to your body and boosts your health.

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