Sauna- way of finnish life -book will be published november 2016

The sauna is part of the authentic Finnish way of life
Finnish people have been going to the sauna for more than a thousand years. The sauna is one of the oldest traditions in our modern society, one that has been passed down from one generation to the next. People climb on the sauna benches to relax, enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, collect their thoughts, relax and quiet down, or to exchange the latest news. Going to the sauna is a very important ritual for the Finnish people and a part of the entire Finnish life cycle.
The sauna also contributes to people’s health and well-being, which has made it a growing
trend around the world. To our delight, Finnish saunas can now be found almost everywhere around the world. The thing that defines a Finnish sauna is that it is a complete experience, a whole made up of what happens before the sauna, in the sauna and after the sauna. The Finnish sauna experience isn’t
authentic without the wooden benches and a stove that you can cast water on.
esikatselu40The book introduces many different sauna experiences, both
traditional and modern. Have you ever thought that the sauna
is also a part of prison life? Or what kind of saunas can be found
abroad, used for example by peacekeepers? People enjoy their
sauna moments alone or with their family, friends or strangers. We spend some of our most important moments in the sauna: we have a Christmas sauna, a Midsummer sauna and a bridal sauna, just to name a few examples. People don’t often even think about how important a role the sauna plays in Finnish people’s everyday lives.
The book is a door to the soul of the Finnish sauna. Going to the sauna sets both the mind and the body at ease. Do yourself some good and join us in the sauna!
SAUNA way of finnish life
Publisher: Kirjakaari, tel. 014 619 126
Author: Carita Harju
Publication date: November 2016
Size: 200 x 200 mm, 128 pages
Format: Hardcover
Languages: English, German (Japanese, Chinese)
MSRP: 43,00 €