certificate photoSauna from Finland is a national sauna business and innovation association, founded in 2010. We believe that the sauna provides a comprehensive experience of a variety of sensations. The Finnish sauna experience has been named as one of the corner-stones of Finland’s strategy of well-being tourism. We wish to be a part in supporting businesses in the development of a framework for a memorable Finnish sauna experience, in Finland as well as abroad. This means concrete assistance to companies and the travel industry.

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On the base of several studies, Sauna from Finland has defined the core values of the sauna experience as 1) authenticity, 2) multi-sensuality, 3) presence, 4) relaxation, 5) cleanliness and 6) well-being before the sauna, in the sauna and after the sauna. Based on these values a set of criteria and a quality classification have now been established for the Finnish sauna experience.

When in compliance with them, a company can apply for a Sauna from Finland quality certificate granted by the association. Customers will recognise the authentic Finnish sauna experience – the best in the world – from the certificate granted by Sauna from Finland. The quality classification of the sauna experience can be applied to different sauna environments, such as tourist resorts and hotels.

Read more about the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience and the quality certificate.


Some members already have the quality certificate, such as Isokenkäisten Klubi. Photo: Isokenkäisten Klubi.