In order for the Finnish sauna to offer the world’s best sauna experience, it must include recognizable and high quality elements and core values. We believe that the Finnish sauna is a holistic and multisensory experience.

On the base of several studies, Sauna from Finland has defined the core values of the sauna experience as 1) authenticity, 2) multi-sensuality, 3) presence, 4) relaxation, 5) cleanliness and 6) well-being before the sauna, in the sauna and after the sauna.

Sauna experiences in a quality classification can be applied to a variety of sauna bathing environments, such as tourist destinations, the order in the sauna, spa and swimming bath sauna and hotels.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate is granted to sauna services that are in compliance with the criteria of the quality handbook.  The certificate communicates to customers, interest groups and your personnel that the quality of your sauna and sauna services are in the top class of the world.  The certificate granted by our association raises the quality bar to a world record height and challenges the skills of your staff every day.  It also allows your customer to assume that he or she can confidently get ready for relaxation with no worries about quality aspects.


Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience

Sauna service enterprises can apply for the quality certificate for example their bookable privatesauna services or customer saunas.  The certificate is always given to certify one whole entity, which can consist of one or several saunas.

How to apply for the certificate?

A visit on the spot of an official auditor of our association is always a part of the application process.  You will be given instructions for the visit in advance.  In connection with the visit you will get ideas for development and other observations for further consideration.  The audits are focusing on cleanliness, engagement of multiple sense, authenticity and relaxation: the entirety of sauna experience. The factors with an effect on the quality will be gone through by taking a sauna.

If the criteria are fulfilled the auditor will propose to our certification group that a certificate will be granted to your saunas for two years.